Network interface mismatch needs attention

  • I must the the least lucky person to ever run pfSense because I cannot get away from this error and the useless interface assignment ui loop it creates. Any number of changes I've made tonight have sent me into this loop and it has cost me hours and the interface assignment (console or webui) doesn't resolve it, it just loops with any explanation of what the cause it. My setup is quite simple and in general it seems that the problems have been triggered when I tried to setup a VLAN in one case or removed an OPT interface in another.

    If the ui said something more than "Network interface mismatch – Running interface assignment option." I could provide more details to help someone else help me and/or improve pfSense but as i have nothing to work with, i can't contribute so I'm settling on doing this bit of venting. If someone familiar with the code wants to shed a bit of light on the subject, I imagine I could recreate the scenario in a duplicate vm, log into single user mode, and play with code to see about providing a better solution or at least determining why this is happening.

    I'm game. Anyone else?

    P.S. I love pfSense, in the past have paid for a support subscription but since it's based on time and not use, I quite paying because I didn't need it when I had it and now I don't have it when I need it. A profitable model for sure, but not much value for SMB folks like myself. This is the first truely frustrating issue I've had with pfSense but I suspect I may have found an issue with IPSec tunnel spawning too. If that strikes a cord and you want more info, I'll do what I can there too but it's only a minor annoyance right now so I'll let someone else raise that issue to a higher level.

  • Everytime I change vlans or interface assign, I reboot pfsense before testing.

    Can you restore your instalation to default settings and try again?

    I don't know if you are a vlan specialist, but if your are using vlans never try to setup the same interface with tag and untag options.

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    It's possible that you are not actually seeing a mismatch, but that your entire config is being tossed out because it's not valid xml. Run your config through xmllint and see if it finds any issues with the XML itself.

    International characters, unescaped entities, etc, can cause issues with that.

  • happen to me 1-2 times when rebooting. dont know what actualy cause this problem

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