Can`t find "natd.conf" file on PFsense 2.0-RC3 (i386)

  • Hi Everyone ,

    Well, this is my very first post on the forums since i installed my PFsense 5 months ago after replacing my Fortigate Unit .
    this decent forum always been my torch for lighting up my knowledge with PFsense , So thank you all for sharing and building up this huge library Smiley

    i got a simple question, im not familiar with FREE BSD in general as im trying to follow some good How-To ( Pfsense + external squid transparent proxy + dansguardian )

    i cant find the ( /etc/natd.conf ) for completing the set-up of my External SQUID transparently.
    also if any one knows how to install the "mlocate" package on FREE-BSD for further look-ups for files on the system  ??
    any suggestion Guys ,

  • you can see rdr rules in /tmp/rules.debub.

    You can set this redirect to another box at nat gui.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    /tmp/rules.debug :-)

    Or, from the command line or Diag > Command:

    pfctl -sn

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