Another router

  • I've had to something very strange.

    In order to get pfSense to work, I've had to put the internet connection into a router (WAN side) and take the output from this router (LAN side) and put that into the pfSense box.

    I've got DHCP turned off on the internet source, but had it turned on on the router.  Is there something that I missing or getting wrong on the static configuration part in pfSense?

    I was advised to not have the DHCP turned on for the input - should I have this changed?  Same for NAT - it is turned off in the source, but the router had it turned on.

    Am I making sense?

  • please draw  a picture.

  • OK

    This doesn't work (or is so slow that you think it's not working).
    bonded ADSL  –>  pfSense Router (manually configured) -->  laptop (DHCP configured from pfSense)

    This does work.
    bonded ADSL  -->  netgear router (manually configured) -->  pfSense Router (DHCP configured by netgear router - the setting in pfSense of 'Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN' makes no difference if it is on or off - but it has been a bit faster, 10%, with it turned off) --> laptop (DHCP configured from pfSense)

    I doesn't make sense that I need another router to make it work - I have used a different ADSL source that can DHCP pfSense and it works fine on that.

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