New PFSense installation, no internet access

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new to pfSense and trying out different things atm. I am running pfSense (2.0 Release) through the LiveCD and the config file on a usb stick. I use an onboard NIC (WAN) and a PCI NIC (LAN). I also use a router as a switch box (I have disabled DHCP on it). I have no problem accessing the box through the webGUI.

    I don't exactly know what you need to help me, so ask if you need more info.

    Also, I have an error which is identical to :,41158.0.html. I haven't tried doing their steps and I'm wondering if it could really affect my setup.

    So, my setup in a diagram is : Modem -> pfSense -> Router -> Computer

    Thanxs for your help!

  • Is the pfSense LAN interface and the PC connected to LAN ports on the router? (They should be.)

    What is the IP address and netmask of the PC and the pfSense LAN interface? (They should both be on the same subnet.)

    Once those details are correct and the respective links are UP and RUNNING you should be able to access the pfSense web GUI from the PC by http:// <pfsense lan="" ip="" address="">or https:// <pfsense lan="" ip="" address="">(I don't recall whether HTTP or HTTPS is the default protocol.)</pfsense></pfsense>

  • I have restarted my pfsense box from scratch with a new config file and now everything works!

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