QinQ not working

  • I can't seem to get QinQ working correctly. I've created the QinQ with primary vlan 100, and secondary 110. This creates "re0_100", "re0_100_110", "Vlan 100" and "QinQ 110". I then created and configured an interface.

    So first question is which network port to I assign the interface to? One may think it would be "QinQ 110", but that doesn't seem to work, and the interface on status->interfaces says it's down.

    I assigned it to re0_100_110, which appeared to be working from the gui. I started a ping to an address on that interface and tcpdumped re0_100_110, and could see arp requests going out. However, I didn't see any traffic out that port. I also didn't see the arp coming out re0. I wireshark'd the ethernet interface from another computer and didn't see them there either.

    Am I doing something wrong? Or is there some magic I need to do to get it working? Thanks

  • I thought it might be the ethernet adapter(realtek 8168), so I put in an intel. After setting up the QinQ and assigning the interface to em0_100_110, I see traffic from that interface, but it's only tagged on 110, not double tagged.

  • Anyone?

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