Parity errors

  • Hi all,
    on an old server I installed 2.0 release. The machine is an old HP server with two scsi drives and one pci card controller. I've configured a geom mirror during the installation, using the proposed partition layout.
    Now I'm getting a lot of errors on the console like the following:

    (da0:ach0:0:0:0):parity error detected in Message-in phase. SEQADDR(0x1a7)
    SCSIRATE (0x95)

    and after a two days of functioning the machine has become unresponsive. I guess it is an hard disk problem, but I need a little help understanding it.


  • It does sound like either a hard disk failure, a controller failure or a cable failure.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I'd suspect the controller or cabling (and if that really is SCSI, termination).

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