LCDproc for PFSense

  • I've recently browsed through this forum searching for a lcdproc package and found nothing.

    So I compiled lcdproc-0.5.1 myself and installed in onto my pfsense router, everything works as expected.

    For all the other guys who are also looking for a solution, you can download a pre-compiled package of lcdproc here:

    cmb edit: also available here with much less hassle:

    I've compiled drivers for every lcdproc-supported display, so you basically just have to choose which you want. I was only able to test it with my hd44780 display, I required the module from /usr/local/lib/ which I've also included in this package. Simply copy it to pfsense' /usr/local/lib/ dir and start the LCDd, the rest is straightforward, refer to the lcdproc documentation.

    I forgot to mention: This is no "real" pfsense-package, it is basically just a .tar.gz which you need to copy onto your pfsense router using "scp", unpack is there and start is manually through ssh/console.

    Have fun !

  • Why not turn this into a pfSense package?

  • Would be my next step, I'll do that if no one else wants to.
    In the next few days I've very little time, after that, I'll have a look.

    With basic knowledge of linux/bsd you get it running using the file from above, maybe it just helps some people who were searching for the binarys.

  • Can you show some screenshots of the whole thing?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the compiling. I'll include it on my pf as soon as I finish with the box  ;D

  • Hessie  , thanks for this. Could you upload this to somewhere else ? The website seems to be only usable by Windows users :-(

  • That upload site is a pain.


  • hessie: if you want to put up an updated version, just email it to me and I'll put it up in my home dir.

  • I'm attempting to compile version 0.5.2 of LCDproc because it supports the picolcd available on the boxes we use for pfSense firewalls.

    I've read the forum posts, but I've hit a snag when starting the LCDproc daemon.  The following is returned:

    server/LCDd -c LCDd.conf

    Could not open driver module /etc/lcdproc/server/drivers/ /etc/lcdpro
    c/server/drivers/ Undefined symbol "usb_get_driver_np"
    Driver [picolcd] binding failed
    Could not load driver picolcd
    There is no output driver
    Critical error while initializing, abort.

    I have copied all libusb files I could find to /usr/local/lib/

    Any thoughts?

  • Guys,

    Was this issue ever resolved? We're attempting to resolve this one with LCDProc 0.5.2 on the picoLCD as well.

    We've found the various work-arounds eg.

    and comments about fixing the UHID issue:

    But we're still stuck..

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • I see that LCDProc v0.5.3 (which apparently support picoLCD) is available now but not as a package. Is anybody willing to package it (I would love to but this is my first FreeBSD installation and I wouldn't know where to start!).

  • Anyone have a compiled driver for picolcd? Trying to get it to work with a Mini-Box M-300 Picolcd and the driver appears in the GUI list but the driver is not in the package. Any help would be appreciated.

  • @dwabraxus:

    Anyone have a compiled driver for picolcd? Trying to get it to work with a Mini-Box M-300 Picolcd and the driver appears in the GUI list but the driver is not in the package. Any help would be appreciated.

    This is a long story…

    here's the short of it:  It doesn't work on FreeBSD. I bought a M200, and want to make its screen work with pfSense.

    The driver doesn't work on FreeBSD, and I've exhausted all my options of making it work. I contacted Mini-Box 3 times now inquiring about FreeBSD support and have gotten 0 replies. I'd appreciate at least a "you're screwed" response, but I've gotten nothing.

    So my advice is to contact mini-box and request they respond to "Customer Care Case #43859", which is my previously mentioned case. If they can work with me to resolve these issues in FreeBSD, it will fix this problem for you and every other pfSense user.

    To date, I'm less than impressed with Mini-Box. I will never buy anything from them again at this point...

  • I managed to fix a few issues with libusb files for freebsd. I have attached the modified sources.

    I built them against freebsd 6.3. Just need to link them and rebuild lcdproc 5.2 . Does anyone think they can give that a shot. Hopefully the drivers will work then. I was able to get it to start to load but when I compile It finds the drivers but says it can't find wigets.h, libusb.h and usblcd_util.h. I have pleced them in the includes folders and pointed to them but the filesa re still not found… other than that, it builds.

    Files are located here:

  • Guys,

    Has anyone had some more luck with this? The new 1.3 Alpha even has a nice package for LCDProc (with missing PicoLCD driver!)..

    Would be great to hear from anyone with a PicoLcd from COUGH iTuner / MiniBox that has actually managed to get it working!


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