Traffic Graph on a bridge interface

  • Hi,

    I recently updated to the release version of 2.0 after having used RC3 for a couple of weeks.
    Prior to the update I added a WLAN card to my box and installed an extra bridge interface to bridge one physical network port and the wlan.
    Now I have a bridge assinged to the lan interface and a lanport interface with no ip and the wlan interface with no ip.
    I realized that its better to have the bridge as lan because of several built in mechanisms of the release such as anti-lock out rules, creating static dhcp assingments from the interface and so on.
    So to analyze whats going on I found the traffic graph very helpful as it show the ip that does the traffic too.
    On my two "real" interfaces it shows nly traffic running through the interface in and out as I expected but now IPs since the interface does not have one itself.
    The real helpfulone I expecte the LAN interface to be which is the bridge. But when I looked at the values closely I thought this could not be.
    The IN value is never above 3 kbps while the OUT shows about the doubled value of whats going on like a download or such. The traffic by IPS ssems to show correct values…
    Is that a bug or someting?


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