Configure active/active redundancy firewall

  • hye there,
    i just wanna ask, whether it is possible to configure 2 pfsense firewall to become as an active/active redundant  firewall.
    As my reading through all the pfsense documentation page, it only state on how to configure the pfsense as one firewall active and another one as a standby(backup) firewall. Means that only the 1 firewall is active on one time, not both. can someone clarify to me regarding this thing. any reply will be highly appreciated.  ;)

  • You can balance firewall work when using packages. Use nat/firewall on box1 and squid on box2 for example.

    The active/active firewall can be done with carps, but its not desiged for it so, not supported.

    Take a look in this forum topic,40917.0.html

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