Moving to new digs…

  • Hey all,

    I am moving my PFSense to a new box.

    Right now my current PFSense setup is working wonderfully and I would like to just move it over.

    I am still going to run that same version of PFSense and it is going to be the same static (i386) version.

    Can I just restore a backup and get my OpenVPN certs, WiFi, Bridge info on to the new system of will there be a lot of stuff missed in the PFSense backup?

    Is there another/better way to get my current configuration over?


  • I think you are running pfsense 2.0, right ?

    You can chose the same configuration on amd64 or i386. There is no difference in the config file.
    Backup your config using "DIAGNOSTICS -> RESTORE/BACKUP".

    Everything you mentioned is backuped in you config file. The packages you used, too.

    The only thing which can happen is that if you move to another machine with different MAC addresses that you will be prompted after installation to re-assign the interfaces in the config to the new NICs. But there comes up a wizard which guides you throu the installation.

  • Thank you very much Nachtfalke!

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