Port forwarding *more nub help*

  • I tried to look this up on my own but my search here but what ever I found wasn't clear or wasn what I was looking for. I want to add a few ports to forward on my firewall, but I am used to i simple interface add lst octect of the subnet and port that needs to be forward then udp or tcp. I am aware that I need to create a rule, but thats where I get a bit lost. Could someone please help me with either an outline or example rule so i know and or can learn the format to use when I want to forward ports. The reason I need help is becuase my daughter needs AIM (webcam) to work and I have to have a few for my games.


  • Just create the portforward at firewall>nat, portforward tab (hit the plus-icon). Make sure to use interface WAN and "interface adress" for the first two options. External and local ports should usually be the same setting for your purpose and match the needs of the application (lookup in the manuals or online references what ports and what protocol your application needs if unsure). Make sure to leave the checkbox at the bottom checked to enable the needed firewallrule automatically.

  • aaa ok thank you that was simple. I was in the wrong area. Again you came trhough with some good info.