Multi Vlan/ with 802.1P required

  • Hi All,
    I have just got setup with a new FTTH internet set, Fibre TV and Fibre Internet, I am running into a few problems getting PFsense setup correctly to work with all features of the service and was wondering if anyone would be able to give a hand in configuring pfsene to work correctly.

    Here is some basic information of what i require.

    I would like PFSense to route and replace the supplied router that my ISP gave me which uses a transparent bridging protocol.
    I have 2 vlans setup right now
    Vlan35 and Vlan34 Both of these vlans have been assigned to the WAN (NFE0) Vlan 35 has been assigned to RL0 - Lan for internet connection (working fine) and Vlan34 has been assigned to VR0 I am having problem with the multicast on the vlan34 to get my IPTV working correctly.
    The way that my isp is setup it that i need to have data from the vlan34 bridged to my WAN interface and be tagged as vlan34 with a priority of 4 for video, if the priority is not set to 4 the box will not get an ip from my isp's dhcp and i am unable to watch tv,

    So would anyone know how to get 802.1P networking working with pfsense to add the priority tag and send this data to my vlan tagged as priority of 4.

  • You don't want to assign vlan 34 to two bridged interfaces. If you want your IPTV bridged to the WAN then you should plug the IPTV into a switchport that is untagging on vlan 34, or plug it into a pfsense interface (via a switch if you want, but not on vlan34), and bridge that interface to the WAN.

  • I have the same ISP, and I think he meant he wanted to his get his WAN and the opt0 bridged, opt0 would either be connected to the TVboxes or the HPNA router.
    802.1P would tag the VLAN34 packets who then have higher priority over regular net trafic. Ill try to make a diagram of the setup

    –-->[ONT]–----------->[HPNA router]–--Internet

    The ONT bridges the Fiber to Ethernet, It also only connects to 1 MAC address and only has one port that is active the rest are turned off.

    The Router, which is what we are trying to replace with PFsense, does Wireless, NAT, and connects to the TV boxes through either HPNA or CAT5\6.

    Currently getting the net is no issue and works quite well, the issue is trying to get the TV Multicast to connect.

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