• i installed ne server uptodate but thhps times out

    im using tranceparent squid all works exept som https sights what could i be missin i have and and lan nothing fansy

    just simple install with dhcp server setup and net works trough squid but https isnot can anyone help me out to find possable problems

  • You can't transparent proxy https protocol.

    You must apply a rule at lan to allow it.

  • i know that what im saying is i set up server with tranceparent proxy

    tranceparent proxy does port 80 redirect

    but https times out through the server

    i have no rules for https

  • https is port 443 and not 80.
    You can not create a rule in the proxy to allow this.
    As marcelloc said: you need to allow this via a firewall rule and not via the proxy.

  • Do you have the default allow all rule in the LAN, or have you replaced it with more restrictive rules? If you uninstall or disable squid, do you have the same problem, or does it all work?

  • all are on defualt havnt setup any rules as of yes  ill disable it and test it to see what happens

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