! Help Correct setup behind a ADSL Modem - Cable Router - pfsense - HomeNetwork

  • Please could someone advise.

    I have installed pfsense as a modem/router which works fine, but I would like to install with a little more flexibility for my operation. The pfsense is on a microserver and won't always be on.

    The setup I would like is the Adsl Modem passing through to the Cable router ppp0e and then to pfsense.

    I have set the pfsense box to obtain a DHCP address from the router of and then the LAN side of my home network changes to So ADSL> CABLE ROUTER> PFSENSE> LOCAL NETWORK


    1/ Do I set squid to now bind to WAN or still to LAN?

    3/ Will my browsing be cached still?

    2/ I don't know why but I have good speed with everything but YouTube content which hangs a start. Depending on how I bind or if I set transparent mode?

    3/ Regarding Snort with it ever block IP's if so how? Will it block my router access?

    4/ Should HAVP binding be changed also?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    I wish there were more guides online rather than having to perform searches for snippets of information from all over the web on configuring different aspects of such a good product. I used small net builder for most information and searches here.

  • I'm trying to figure out why you have a cable router between the ADSL modem and the PFSense?  Do you have cable as well as ADSL?

    If not, PFSense could get be connected to the ADSL modem (which would be in bridge mode) and take whatever IP address is given to you by the ADSL ISP.


  • I have a cable router between because as I said the microserver is not always on all the time. I have connected up as you have stated but this is not fully practical leaving the microserver on too noisy at night. I really just want it on during the day and I can therefore use my router when its not on.

  • Using ppoe or dhcp from dsl Does not change any setup on packages. The difference will be only ip address assigned to wan.

    If you can, change the pfsense machine to fanless one.  ;)

  • Thanks yes I will need to change to a pico psu sometime.

    Any ideas on the YouTube content being slow if I disable HAVP it works fine. It's currently setup as parent for squid. I am thinking might as well remove HAVP as I have a good AV on all my worksations.

  • Not sure how hapv works with vídeos.

    Open a new topic or look in forum if anybody else has the same problem.

  • Sorted You Tube added .youtube.com/ to whitelist on proxy works without pause now.

  • Sorted :)

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