HELP with zyxel

  • Hello everyone,

    i need help!! .
    i want to create captive portal (wifi) in my company
    i have a server with ip (internet) , i downloaded pfsence VMWare(ver) and i opened it in another machine with 2 lan cards

    on the 1st lan card i put a cable connected into server ,I change WAN IP ( pfsence ) :
    on the 2nd lan card I connect my zyxel wifi router , my router's ip is

    i don't understant what i must do , for all these works , what ip I must put on LAN pfsense option , and how all these connected

    in my mind i think like that:

    SERVER –-- pfsense WAN / pfsence LAN ----- routerwifi  / -----

    but i believe that i am wrong , please any help or tutorial!

  • You have two options.

    you either change lan side ip subnet
    you bridge those interfaces

    but i really don't know how works with bridged connection.

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