Darkstat hosts report - help

  • Can some one explain to me what Im looking at I am new at all this and trying to learn
    I loaded darkstat package and was wondering what all this means.

    All the addresses of 192.168.1.??? I understand is computers in my home in out and total are easily understood as well as last seen

    I guess my problem is with the other IP addresses unknown and not in my subnet?

    and many of the ip's that are unknown are all having the same mac address? is that mac address my lan or wan card in the pfsense machine?

    take the 1st unknown to me valvesoftware? it loosk like they sent or recd allot of data 1.8 gigs? they took 1.8 ish from my network?

    I attached a jpg of the screenshot


  • This traffic is in both ways, everything you got and sent to internet.

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