MultiWAN and Bridged DMZ issues

  • Hi Everyone

    I have had some issues with pfSense MultiWAN, and am hoping someone can help me. My setup is complicated by a bridging DMZ on one connection, and use of only one interface with vlans. I will ignore the vlan bit for now, as I don't think this is an issue, so I'll assume they are each physical IFs. I attach a quick diagram of my network setup.

    My problem is that the WAN on the Bridged IF is very flakey from the point of view of pfSense. The quality graph shows lots of packet loss, and it keeps flipping between up and down. I have tried with several different monitor IPs. The strange thing is that monitoring from the machine shown as SERVER1 in the diagram shows no packet loss, a rock solid connection. This is passing through the bridge, so that's working propperly, but not the bridge interface on pfsense.

    Now I could eliminate the bridge and directly map the VLAN for ISP1 to SERVER1, but I want to be able to filter on pfsense for the server as well as my lan (currently not done, I still run a separate FW on SERVER1), as well as implement QoS and a few other things. I am getting a little confused with it all.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there another way for me to implement this,  considering that I want the interface on SERVER1 to be actually assigned the 207 IP and the IPs my ISP has assigned are not a full subnet, just a bunch of IPs (from the same subnet)?

  • Sorry, just realised I forgot to add: I'm using pfSense (actually pfHacom) 2.0-RC2.

  • Anyone?

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