Multiples NAT 1:1 on same pc

  • Dears,
    i looking for answear, but i dont found.
    Is it possible, 2 nat 1:1 one same pc?

    I tested, but didn't work, i thought, there are rules block the second ip.

    first machine, add a ip and ip alias.

    on pfsense, 2 public ips, to nat 1:1

    187.x.x.2 –>
    187.x.x.3 -->

    the first work (187.x.x.2 -->, but the second (187.x.x.3 -->, drop packages.

    Is there some form, to allow the mac, with 2 ips to out?

    thanks for any help ;)

  • Dears,
    it is my fault, dont  apply my public ip alias.

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