GUI optimization of PPP setup

  • Currently if you have a pppoe client interface in pfsense, and you want to make edits to that interface, the correct procedure is somewhat unintuitive:

    1. Navigate to Interfaces: WAN
    2. Click the Save button. No other change is necessary at this time.
    3. Navigate (preferably in a new browser tab) to Interfaces: PPPs
    4. Edit the desired pppoe connection and click Save.
    5. Go back to the Interfaces: WAN page and click Apply Changes

    If you skip steps 2 or 5 your changes in step 4 will not take effect, even though you aren't changing anything on the WAN page; I assume something is being restarted which then causes your changes to be applied.

    If you complete step 4 before step 2, step 2 will wipe out the changes you made in step 4.

    Ideally, this whole procedure should be streamlined to the point that only steps 3 and 4 are necessary, but at the very least, it would be an improvement to make changes to the code such that step 2 doesn't negate step 4 if done between steps 4 and 5.

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