I think sometimes a new install is in order…

  • Been using pfsense now for a while (Betas, 1.0, 1.0.1m snapshots…). Always used the integrated update function. Yesterday I decided to kick you LAN and WAN 3com interfaces and put in Intel. Setup of replacements was a snap, however the system idled on 25% CPU time - always. Checked the status.php page - the Intel nics were using the same IRQ. Switched PCI slots. No effect. They always seemed to "pair" themselves to the same IRQ which is really strange.

    After a while I gave up, put all NICs back in order and reinstalled 1.0.1. Redid all settings.
    Now all NICs use a different IRQ, CPU is fine (about 5500 state table size, 17% CPU), latest snapshot running. Is this some freebsd issue that thing can get screwed up?

    Maybe a hint for people that complain about high CPU usage.

  • This is why we advocate reinstalling.  We didnt handle every update case for betas.