Squid Configuration

  • Sorry if this is a total n00b question - does Squid work stock as installed or does it need to be configured to function properly?

    Two of my pf boxes I think would benefit from running this package so I have installed squid 2.7.9_4.2 however I have done nothing else so I don't even know if its working or if its just simply there in a non-configured state.

    I have searched and visited the squid website but the configurations and tweaks mentioned seem to be way over my head (i don't even know where to look to change those lines of code).

    Thx for any help/advice/support.

  • You haven't mentioned your version of pfSense, but on version 2.0, Squid is configured at 'Service'->'Proxy server'.  Search on http://doc.pfsense.org for squid for more info.  I would recommend that you use http://www.squid-cache.org/ as a further reference.  It will help you make sense of the choices on the pfSense squid configuration page.  Also, I would recommend that you back up your existing pfSense configuration at 'Diagnostics'->'Backup/Restore' before configuring squid.



  • 2.0 RELEASE (amd64)

    and I have been lurking http://www.squid-cache.org/ for months but still confused as to exactly how to configure.

  • For a simple configured version of squid you have to do the following if it isn't the default setting:

    check "Transparent proxy"
    check "Allow users on interface"
    select the interfaces you would like squid to listen to. In general this is/are your LAN interface/s.

    I think this is the minimal configuration you have to do.

    on "Cache Management" you can change the settiungs for RAM and harddisk cache so it suits your hardware. But this isn't necessary for the minimum configuration.

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