DNS Server Complete NOOB & NEWBI help

  • Hi guys

    i have come acrros a problem, well i can´t really call it a problem, as i am shure there must be a workeable solution..

    I have setup Pfsense and its running great for the last month uptime non stop,

    i have setup anoter linux pc machine for virtualhosting now, i have installed ISPconfig3 and i have setup 1 website .

    so i have registered a .com domain for my site  www.mysite.com , the registration went through fine after payment was done hehe.

    now i have 2 dns servers that was given by the domain company.

    my question now is how do i setup or route in the pfsense config system to hook up my IP address from my ISP to my domain…

    by the way i am using a dynamic ip, so it changes once every 2 weeks.

    i have also setup a dyndns dinamic account which works great on the pfsense it updates instant.. is there a way to route my domain www.mysite.com to my dyndns stuff ?

    any help will be appreciated if there is any function available on Pfsense to help redirecting it to my IP address located on the server machine.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That would be done in DNS - setup a CNAME for www.mysite.com that points it to your dyndns hostname.

    So a client looks for www.mysite.com, gets CNAME somewhere.dyndns.org, then looks up somewhere.dyndns.org and gets back your real IP.

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