Copying pfSense-2.0-RELEASE-2g-i386-nanobsd.img.gz to CD-ROM

  • I am new so I may be missing something.

    I have downloaded the above file and expanded it but the expanded file size is more than a CD-ROM.  All the instructions talk about copying the image file to a CD-ROM for a Live install but I think it needs to go to a DVD rather than a CD-ROM.  Is this correct?

    I assume that all I have to do is change the extenstion from .img to .iso and it should boot.  Is this correct?

    I want a Live CD to try out as i am looking at replacing my ZoneCD as it would appear that PublicIP is off the radar.


    Peter ???

  • The file to burn a CDROM ends with iso.gz

    Img files are for embended systems.

  • nanobsd is to go on Compact Flash card. What kind of hardware do you have?


  • Ok. You have answered my question.  I downloaded the wrong file.  I'll now download the correct file.

    To answer Bruce, I have a HP Pentium with 1G of RAM a disconencted harddisk (as Public IP does not need it), 2 NIC cards and the other normal bits and pieces you find on a motherboard that is 5 years old.

    The outcome I want is to have pfsense replace my ZoneCD from PublicIP, which looks like is no longer in existense.  My wife has a 40 seat Cafe in which we offer free wifi for our customers with 2 and data caps per day per user.

    Wouldn't mind a hand with that but I'll search the form for help, unless you can point me in the right direction.


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