Squidguard bypassed by goolge cache and google translate

  • Hi,

    I have a pfSense 2.0 installed and configured as a firewall / router / proxy for the network in my office.

    Squid in transparent mode, and squidguard with shallalist url blacklists and set to deny some lists, including porn, social etc…

    Everything seems ok but when I do a search on google for a site in blacklist and the page appears with search results, if I select the "cached copy" or "translate this page" the proxy is bypassed and the blacklisted sites are correctly displayed!

    Is there a way to circumvent this problem by using the resources available to pfSense?



  • I guess its hard to distinguish porn out of google cache from a dictionary page out of google cache. Can you easily block google cache or page translations?

    You probably should pursue these issues with the squid community and/or google.

  • Hello,

    I can not prevent users from using google translate or google cache.

    I thought of the possibility of implementing regular expressions to match a url is forbidden even when translated or cached by google, but i don't know how to do  :-\



  • I think it will only work with proxy filters that analyse page content like dansguardian. Squidguard does only checks urls.

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