VPN Remote Syslog

  • Running a 2.0 pfsense firewall that is acting as a vpn concentrator(FW1) with openvpn running for road warriors. This box is also vpn'd into another pfsense firewall(FW2) via open vpn.  So in order to access our protected network you vpn into FW1 and FW1 is setup to forward ALL traffic to FW2 which has a LAN and internet access.  On FW1 (the road warrior vpn concentrator) I am using "push route" to all Road Warrior clients. Also on FW1(which connects as a OpenVPN client to FW2) I am using "redirect-gateway def1;" to route all traffic through the FW2 gateway.  So here's the problem… I'm trying to send all syslogs from FW1(Road Warrior VPN) to a host behind the FW2 LAN. When I set the syslog to send to a remote host in the GUI the logs do not get routed to the vpn tunnel. However, if I ssh into FW1(Road Warrior VPN box) I can ping the host I'm trying to get to. Also, I cannot ping this host from the GUI ping utility only from a shell.  What gives?


  • Maybe you can create a route or gateway for that openvpn tunnel and try again

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