Atom system unit for pfsense w/ Lusca cache

  • Im planning something… PFsense + Lusca Cache....

    Help me choose:
    A dedicated server running in Atom 1.6HT Single core/2GB ram TDP:10watts
    A Virtualize System unit running in 3Ghz Tri or Quad core / 3GB ram TDP:95watts
    VMW specs:
    1 in tricore or 2 in quadcore used
    1 or 1.5GB Ram used

    Software will be running on the Server if so: XP OS, web browsers, Timer software, Facebook games, some specs games...

    Whats more practical, the server will be running approx. 15 to 18hrs per day....

    Thanks for the time...

  • First, I would strongly advise against running any firewall as a vm inside Windows. Any compromise to the host system leaves the firewall vulnerable.

    Second, are you aware that TDP numbers are not an accurate indication of total system consumption? A dual-core Atom system idles around 18W (measured from the wall with a DC-DC PSU). Sandy Bridge systems have similar idle consumption but can consume more than 4 times that amount under load.

    Personally I would go with the dedicated hardware option every time, as long as the hardware meets your needs otherwise.

  • I have a dedicated server system running… E2180 2.0Ghz / 1GB Ram / 500GB is this ok for now...

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