2.1 Section and details?

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    Now that 2.0 went final - what is the timeline for creation of 2.1 development section for issues with running that.

    I nice post with details of how to run it, where to get updates from, details of gitsync path would be great!!  And a section section on the forums for issues with it would be great.

    I would drop back to just running 2.0, but I really like playing with the ipv6 stuff!  And I don't mind being bleeding edge and dealing with issues that come up with doing that.  But not having a specific section to discuss seems lacking.

    BTW currently system shows
    2.1-DEVELOPMENT (i386)
    built on Sun Sep 11 21:36:53 EDT 2011
    FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p4

    Unable to check for updates.

    When I run gitsync playback I use master and this path

  • No section yet but you could always look at the roadmap in redmine.


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    Not so worried about what they are going to do in 2.1 – sure its all GREAT!!!  And sure you could post comments about a specific bug there.

    But shouldn't there be a section to bring up issues when they do these changes, and questions about running it -- like where to get updates, what gitsync url to use, etc.

    For example, curious about how about doing a specific layer 7 rule -- not sure if will work in 2.1 since seems, sure I guess I could post in the layer 7 bug #636 but its more of a general question of how to create the rule in the first place.  Now if just ask in firewall section, and someone says do X, but X doesn't work is due to bug in 2.1, or their rule is not right, etc.

    2.0 is Final - I just don't understand where there is not now a 2.1 section in the forums?

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    At the moment there are no official 2.1 snapshots. The only real way of getting 2.1 code is via the gitsync process (or downloading one of my manually created snapshots), and that's mainly meant for using/testing IPv6 at the moment - and there is an IPv6 board.

    The gitsync process and whatnot are all covered there, as well as on the doc wiki.

    In the next couple weeks we'll probably get 2.1 snapshots going on FreeBSD 9, there are some other hurdles to jump over before we can get to that point though.

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    yeah I saw your post about having updated your builds in ipv6 section – and when I get home prob update mine to that build.  Prob no issues and could kick it off remote, but since I vpn into my home network from work and kind of need to get work stuff done with stupid firewall rules they have here I can wait til local to update ;)

    Just looking forward to the freebsd 9 builds and actual section for 2.1 I guess..

    Currently everything I am doing is working great on my build, but I like to run bleeding edge and help find issues when I can, etc.

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