Dhcp server issue - dynamic dns not setting dne in clients

  • When setting up my pfsense box, I used google dns and I recently went back in and changed the setup and now on the dashboard im using and opendns

    the dashboard confirms the open dns is in use on the reporting page, rebooted the pfsense box and the vista machines that pull the dynamic addresses have not changed form the google dns? Ive rebooted everything whats going on?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Did you fill in those DNS servers on Services > DHCP Server?

    By default the clients will get the IP of the firewall if the DNS forwarder is enabled.
    If the DNS Forwarder is off, it would send the DNS IPs from System > General
    If you set IPs explicitly on the DHCP server page, it always sends those.

    However, if you change the DNS Servers on System > General when the DNS forwarder is disabled, it probably doesn't automatically re-write the DHCP config, so you may just need to edit/save the DHCP server config under Services > DHCP Server.

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