VPN Ipsec Between Windows 2008 and Pfsense 2.0

  • Hi all,

    First, sorry for my bab english, hope you can help me for my problem!

    I have used this tutorial to make Ipsec VPN between windows 2008 server (used as gateway) and pfsense : http://goo.gl/Y4Ivq
    This tutorial works well in LAN, but I do not get the tunnel up when pfsense behind adsl router .

    Network architecture:

    Pfsense Ipsec Phase 1

    Pfsense Ipsec Phase 2

    Windows 2008 configuration

    Windows 2008 Monitor

    This is screenshot of main mode, but I have nothing in quick mode…
    Pfsense Ipsec Log

    I have this error racoon: [Phase1 Tunnel Ipsec]: [] ERROR: notification INVALID-ID-INFORMATION received in informational exchange.

    Thank you in advance!


  • Hi
    I'm trying ti setup IPSec to Microsoft TMG and I'm getting the same error message.
    Did you get any where with this problem?

  • To be honest if I were you I'd try doing a DMZ on your modems for the PFsense/Windows 2008 IP addresses (WAN). That would discount anything there….

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