IPSEC using a virtual interface

  • I seem to be having an issue creating an IPSEC tunnel between a remote endpoint and a pfSense 2.0 box on an Alix 2d3.
    I'm running multiple VLAN's in this network,,, and, to name a few.  They're all assigned to the same physical interface on the Alix.  I'm attempting to create a tunnel between the remote endpoint and (VLAN3).  However, pfSense doesn't seem to like my configuration.  In the phase 2 setup, I have my local subnet configured to be "VLAN3 Subnet".  However, when I do this, the tunnel is nonfunctional.  It shows as down on the status page, but it does not even provide me with the "Connect" icon.  If I reconfigure the local subnet to be "VLAN1 Subnet" (, then pfSense appears to accept the tunnel.  Since it's the wrong local subnet, it doesn't come up of course, but pfSense does provide the "Connect" icon on the status page.

    Am I trying to do something unsupported?

  • Anybody have any thoughts on this?  I can certainly provide more information if needed.

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