New install 2.0 - won't install and which version for raid cf card hard drive?

  • Hi

    I'm trying to install v2 as a clean install. Have 1.2.3 running on another box but want to do v2 from scratch on a seperate box rather than upgrade the old which remains in service for now.

    Downloaded 'pfSense-2.0-RELEASE-i386.iso.gz' which I assume is what passes for the live cd now?
    It boots the machine up without installing anything, and presents me with a list of options which are all about booting the PC again in various forms. No option 99, just boot from usb, boot into safe mode etc etc.

    Question then is - am I using the correct ISO version?  none of the other ISO filenames seem relevant.

    Now to complicate things, the target hard drive is in fact a raid set of 32Gb CF cards. Overkill I know but they were all free. The raid part is a Sans Digital CR2TP as shown here
    This thing mounts as an IDE drive and BIOS etc sees it fine.

    Question here is - would you use a normal hard drive ISO install or a CF install for this? I thought hard drive but would like to hear some opinions.
     I gather that the CF install is a problem with CF cards over 4Gb so if I use the CF ISO should I partition the drive(cards) or is the bullshit info?

    I should also mention that I have tried this install using a standard IDE drive as well with the same results hence the question about which ISO to use.

    Appreciate your thoughts on this.


  • 2.0 asks you half-way through the boot process whether or not you want to install.  Reboot, keep an eye on it, and press "I" when it tells you to.

    As to your CF RAID, whether or not it works really depends on what chip powers it.

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