Strange annoyance in pfsense 2.0 RC3

  • Greetings to all board members
    I have strange issue.
    time by time while browsing sites eg. then
    the login dialog box of my pfsense box comes and if i login

    An HTTP_REFERER was detected other than what is defined in System -> Advanced ( You can disable this check if needed in System -> Advanced -> Admin.

    but there is no "Admin" tab in Advanced.
    and in the log it shows.

    kernel: pid 47389 (pfctl), uid 0 inumber 48 on /tmp: filesystem full
    kernel: pid 3819 (pfctl), uid 0 inumber 48 on /tmp: filesystem full

    is someone trying to hack my pfsense router or it's issue becasue the disk is full
    thanks for your guidance

  • You should start by upgrading to the full release, which has been out for a while now.

    That /tmp is full may be part of your problem - what packages did you install and is this a full install or something else?

  • Thanks CryHavok
    i will try with latest release

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