Unequal cost load balancing in 2.0 with multi-wan

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    I recall in the book there was a loadbalancing trick I could use in 1.2.3.  it was in section 11.10.4 called "unequal cost load balancing".  it suggested adding relevant wan ports in the load balancing pool enough times to make up the differences between link bandwidth.  It's listed as a hack, but apparently one that's "good enough".

    It's not clear how to do this in 2.0.  Can it be done?  Has there been a method of assigning a "weight" to a wan link, or is it a future thing?  If so, I have another wrinkle to ask about: how about links with asymmetric upload and download rates?  My question might make better sense with an example.

    my wan port has a link from charter that is 10M up and 20M down. 
    my opt-wan port has a dual t-1 link that has already been aggregated with an adtran device.  (rounding the numbers off, it's still a dual-t1 @1.5Mbps, not a 3Mbps connection)

    It would be easy to say "schedule the wan port to be used x number of times more than the opt-wan port".  But should I use the 10M or 20M number?  For that matter, do I consider the dual t-1's a 3mbps, or a 1.5 mbps connection?

    Some details are not clear to me though: for instance, the dual-t1 link might have lower bandwidth, but it might also have lower latencies too.  I also know that t-1's have a commited information rate, whereas the coax from charter has none.

  • I believe this is the setting you want.

  • Hi,

    I will look at that!  I appreciate it very much!


  • You may want to look at the HOWTO, as the way to set up load-balancing has changed somewhat since 1.x.


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