Any Docs?

  • Hi all,

    Anyone come across any detailed docs how to manage this Traffic Shaper beast. It is really hard make the data flow in the correct queues. I have selected the interfaces in floating menu but seems it does not have any effect on the queues as all of the lan data is going into the default queue. Including VoIP traffic. Unless I make dedicated queues in the respective menus it will not use the floating queues. This makes it really hard to manage and monitor which makes deploying in many locations a labor intensive task. Everything else works as it should like squid and havp. VPN is great. So please if anyone have a good knowledge of how this works on pfSense 2.0 please start a small tutorial. Don't just say how to use the wizard which I believe everyone knows, but after the wizard how to use it properly.


  • Sorry about the earlier post as I was really bogged down by the traffic shaper. Reading thru the forum and took the advise to look at pftop and not the GUI was showing proper queues but still there are a few quirks to iron out like bandwidth allocation. Maybe I still need to manually do it all by hand till the devs sort it out in the wizard. All in all though I am still very happy that squid and havp are working smoothly. :)

    Tks in advance

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