• hello.

    I note some errors on the logs of my pfsense firewall. Could somebody light me and say to me what should I do?

    this is errors:

    1-  "kernel: arp: unknown hardware address format"

    2-  "client reset connection"

    3-  "server refused connection"

    4-  "dhcpd: send_packet: Host is down"

    Thanks for your support

  • 2 and 3 should be from the ftp helper and are usually just debug messages. Nothing to worry about. 1 looks like you have some garbage on your line that sends broken Layer2 packets. 4 points to some dhcp issues with one of the clients I think. Might be related to 1.

  • thanks for this answer hoba!
    But what do you mean by "garbage "?  :-\

  • Looks like there are some packages with invalid MACs or invalid MAC format on your line. Maybe sniffing can help. If you use one of the recent snapshots you can do so at diagnostics>packet capture. Then download that file and review it with wireshark for example.

  • ok let me try this.
    Thanks for your support  ;)