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  • Hi,

    I post here and in vm forum my problem.
    I have pfsense 1.2.3 my hardware is PIII with 2 phisical nic, I have multi ip and I have configured them in this way: step one add virtual ip "type" carp, step two NAT 1:1  my virtual ip and works very fine.
    Now I want install pfsense 2.0 on virtual machine, I'm using dell sc440 with 2 phisical NIC and vsphere 4.1,
    I install pfsense 2.0 with standard configuration its works, but when I add virtual ip "type" carp and NAT 1:1, same configuration 1.2.3, pfsense 2.0 stop works, and I can't surf. I don't understand if is virtual machine has problems with carp and virtual ip.
    Need help.

  • Rebel Alliance

    Set your IPs as "IP alias" Type

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