RRD Graphs Not Logging Data Counts Right?

  • I haven't really noticed this issue before today, but I went to check the traffic graphs this morning and found that it's not counting most of the traffic for whatever reason.  VNStat seems to be keeping track correctly and there are no syslog entries that relate to this.

    Any ideas?

  • It looks like the issue is now ongoing.

  • Your images are broken so not sure what you're referring to. The RRD data count is correct for traffic that is passed, it pulls from the PF counters. Other tools may show traffic that gets blocked, though in most all circumstances that will be a very minimal difference.

  • Sorry to bring this topic back up but I seem to be having this same issue. Here is the graph for the last 4 hours with correct bandwidth speeds displayed but wrong data count:

    Total data count should read around 270GB for incoming but only just over 3GB is logged. This glitch only started in the last few days, before then everything was logged correctly.

  • Update - now it's showing 0 Bytes for incoming  ???

    Has anyone else had this problem recently or has been able to get around it?

  • I decided to completely reinstall pfsense and configure my settings from scratch, but the glitch still appears  ???

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