GUI user rights?

  • Hi.

    I search around and found a topic about this, user with read-only access.

    I had some small history, I help a friend to setup pfsense 2.0 Release with success, we replace a ISA server.

    Them his boss wanted to see the system, which doesn't know nothing about network/firewall stuff, them he call me next day telling me that hes boss start click around the system was down…he did a lot stupid things, we had a backup but it took a little to bring the system back and u know the users want to work.

    Them he ask me if pfsense have options to limit what the users can do or a read only user?

    I hadn't seen something like this.

    Them, exist a plan for this?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can assign per-page permissions but we do not have (and I'm not sure if we plan to have) a "read only" user.

  • Thanks jimp for your update  :)

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