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  • Hi everyone

    Some of you have more experience with squid and havp than me, that's why I'm looking to advice/s in configuration here.

    What I'd like to achieve. I'd like to have working Havp plus squidguard but I don't want to cache anything. I'd like to have only antivirus scanning and url filtering/reporting.

    I attached screenshots of configuration of havp and squid. Now everything is working but I'd like to know what I can change to get it working better/smoother/faster.

    Our environment is 100+ users.

    If you need more informations, please tell me.

    I'll be grateful for help :)

    Best regards

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  • I do not know if there is a button "do not cache anything" bute if you do not like to cache much, than:

    • chose 1MB for disc cache
    • lower the maximum file size in RAM and on harddisc to 1
    • raise the minimum file size to cache to 1 ( or if you chose a really high value of which you can be sure that no file on the internet will be as big as this value: Perhaps

    Not sure how HAVP works and how much RAM is needed to cache files to scan them afterwards.

    But if I was you I would try to only use RAM for caching objects in squid. RAM is really fast and there should not be any recognizable delay for the users. Cache on the harddisk could be slower but as I said above - lower the harddisk cache size.

  • Under your Proxy Server>Cache Management>Hard Disk Cache System, try selecting null.

    null Does not use any storage. Ideal for Embedded/NanoBSD.

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