Ipad can not access private network with pfsense 2RC3

  • hi,
    I installed pfsense 2 rc3 and configured ipsec for ipad.
    The wan address is and lan address is, ipsec client network for ipad is
    when server  started ,ipad could get ip address (,but it can not access lan (
    ipfilter fules are ok.
    here is my racoon configuration file and some usingful imformation
    adminsock "/var/db/racoon/racoon.sock" "root" "wheel" 0660;
    isakmp [500];
    isakmp_natt [4500];

    auth_source system;
    group_source system;
    pool_size 253;
    split_network include;
    save_passwd on;

    remote anonymous
    ph1id 2;
    exchange_mode aggressive;
    my_identifier address;
    peers_identifier user_fqdn "u@v.com";
    ike_frag on;
    generate_policy = unique;
    initial_contact = off;
    nat_traversal = on;

    dpd_delay = 10;
    dpd_maxfail = 5;
    support_proxy on;
    proposal_check obey;
    passive on;

    authentication_method xauth_psk_server;
    encryption_algorithm des;
    hash_algorithm sha1;
    dh_group 2;
    lifetime time 86400 secs;

    sainfo  anonymous
    remoteid 2;
    encryption_algorithm aes 128;
    authentication_algorithm hmac_sha1;

    lifetime time 28800 secs;
    compression_algorithm deflate;
    when tunnel is connected
    SAD is ESP 0c0387c1 aes-cbc hmac-sha1 6268 B ESP 0b80e184 aes-cbc hmac-sha1 0 B 
    SPD is  ESP ->  ESP ->

    the ipsec interface(enc0) can receive data package but no reponse any more

    could anybody help me? thanks.


  • @wangpro:

    lan address is, ipsec client network for ipad is

    You need to use a different subnet for IPsec.  Example,

    My Ipad works perfectly with 2.0.

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