Automatic NAT and OpenVPN

  • I am running pfSense 1.2.3 as a firewall and OpenVPN server for remote users (road warriors) with laptops.

    I want to route traffic bound for the internet from the remote users over the VPN and out.  I see how this is done, but it also seems to require that I turn off Automatic Outbound NAT and create my own NAT rules.

    In order to avoid any gotchas, I want to see what rules AON has created so I can reproduce them.  Is that possible?  If not, is there a basic NAT ruleset that should be implemented?

    (As a side question, does the latest release of pfSense permit OpenVPN traffic via AON, or does it also require manual NAT?)


  • I'm not sure about 1.2.3, but if you activate AON in 2.0 you will see all of the auto-created rules and NAT function won't change until you start editing those rules.

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