Alix-Board and pfSense 2.0 with Squid and Squidguard

  • Hi,

    I have installed on my Alix-Board Squid and Squidguard and tried to catch any http traffic. The system was set as transparent and used the pfsense ver. 2.0.

    Are these packeges compatible with this pfsense version.

    Has somebody succeedes to use both packages on this plattform? (Alix with pfSense 2.0)

    Would it be possible to show some screenshots. I have collected all the tuts I have found but nothing helped.

    Thank you for your help.



  • Dear you
    I doing setup squidguard pf 2.0.1 but uninstall and report install fail ( usr/local/pkg/squidguard_configuaration 54
    I don’t known config
    Hope you help !
    Thank’s !

  • I just posted some screenshots of my SquidGuard settings on pfSense 2.0.1 on Alix. Squid and SquidGuard are working fine with the following exceptions:

    1. I don't enable access.log - I got "disk full" errors too often, there is only a little RAM disk space for /var and the log doesn't seem to be able to auto-rotate nice and quickly - once a day is too long. The Alix/nanobsd platform is never intended to be a place to record lots of data. If you want lots of logging then you would have to send output to a syslog server that really can store stuff.

    2. I can't get time-based rules to work - they work according to the time when SquidGuard starts, but don't switch on and off in real-time.,43352.0.html