NUT Package change

  • Just looking for someone to help change the seconds of runtime to hours, minutes, and seconds.  Anyone know how to do this?

  • You'd have to modify the status_nut.php file in /usr/local/www to take the array value $ups['battery.runtime'], convert it to hours/minutes/seconds format, then print it. I'm no PHP expert and I'm sure there are probably more elegant ways to do it but I just made the following changes:

    1. Add a new function to the /* functions */ section at the top of the file that converts seconds to an array in hms format:

    function secs2hms($secs) {
    	if ($secs<0) return false;
    	$m = (int)($secs / 60); $s = $secs % 60;
    	$h = (int)($m / 60); $m = $m % 60;
    	return array($h, "h ", $m, "m ", $s, "s ");

    2.  Find the following line near the end of the file:

    tblrow('Runtime Remaining:', $ups['battery.runtime'], ' seconds');

    …and change it to the following:

    tblrow('Runtime Remaining:', implode(secs2hms($ups['battery.runtime'])));

    The result looks something like this:

    If anyone else has a better way to do this feel free to comment.

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