The module Postfix Forwarde 2.8.5,1 pkg v.2.1 is not accurate

  • The module Postfix Forwarde 2.8.5,1 pkg v.2.1 is not accurate in choosing the settings Listen interface (s). Given values of these fields are entered in the file Not the right choice in that record the IP address of the selected interface without Virtual  IPs. I have wan interfaces 212.x.x.178/29, as well as several Virtual IPs: 212.x.x.179; 212.x.x.180; 212.x.x.181; 212.x.x.182. MX record is made on 212.x.x.180 and therefore there is no way to select the desired ip address. I have gets in address 212.x.x.178. IMHO in the choice set must be a field with checkbox ip on which postfix should work, but not the choice of interfaces!
    Tell me how to solve my problemm !!!

    P/S sorry for bad English

    ![Ip adrresess.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Ip adrresess.jpg)
    ![Ip adrresess.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Ip adrresess.jpg_thumb)

  • For now, if you do not want to listen on interface address, you can change postfix interface to loopback and then nat your virtual ip to postfix.

    On next release I will try to find a way to select Virtual IPs.

  • This is for
    Forum and BSD developers pfSense
    I do not understand why people who work in this great project, such as pfSense, stop the publication of a package, which is not compatible with pfSense.
    Please do not degrade this great software such as pfSense without offending anyone, first of all congratulate marcelloc and Postfix antispam and relay package has problems.
    But I do recommend working to improve, and we who belong to the family of pfSense, are the ones who try and give them guidelines for improving pfSense.
    PfSense do not compare with other systems or software firewalls, for there is but I have reviewed (ClearOs Linux), and has a very simple setup SMTP Relay with Authentication. (relay host)
    I hope this is taken into account


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