• Hi,
    I am investigating the following oppertunity:

    we have a WAN with for example a C-class of public IP's.

    <wan>- Main Switch –- Switch A
                    Switch B

    a) The IP's are spread over Switch A & B (C....) All connected to the main switch.

    b) The clients connected to Switch A & B (C....) get the external address (no NAT)

    c) The Switches are Layer3


    Will The clients in Switch A be able to connect to the clients on Switch B without going through the WAN ?</wan>

  • answering would be simplier if you have had router. with router wan-link would be unused in this scenario

    L2/L3 switch should have same functionality, it looks arp table where is this ip-address and send the packet straight there.

    Answer in short: you should be ok without router

  • Ok thanks