First of all, I want to express my appreciation for this software and for this group…you folks are all great!!

    Frustration expression
    Now, with that said, I am seeing something odd with some of my settings going back to old revisions (not all, only some).

    At first, I thought it was me just my screwing up my CARP settings, but now I've seen it on a standalone system too.

    This time, it was an IPSEC remote network setting.  It was running just great all night.  Today, the tunnel started to go up and down.

    After snooping around, I saw that the remote network setting has changed from a /23 subnet to a /26 subnet.

    This is the only setting I see that has changed.  I am also the only one updating the firewalls (that I know of).

    System Configuration:
    Firmware revision is the 3-08-2007 snapshot. 
    The pc is a Dell 320, dual core, 1G RAM, etc, etc, etc.

    Any thoughts on what might be causing this?  The other times I've seen it, it very likely was me being a noob to the software, but this one is definitely different.

    Thanks for any input!!

  • I run a lot of systems for a long time already and haven't seen something like that. Make sure there is no "human" problem like typos or colleagues ;)

  • I updated to the next release and that particular little nasty went away all on its own.  Maybe a file was corrupted and was overwritten during updates?  Maybe someone (throwing nasty look over the cubicle wall) was "looking" and slipped?  The world may never know.

    Thanks for your reply!!