• Hi,

    I have mounted a system with Alix 2D13 with pfSense after a one year using a normal PC.

    I'm trying to get UPS information (Mustek 800VA) using Serial->USB cable, but i can't get this work.

    The USB is recognized:

    ugen0.2: <prolific technology="" inc.=""> at usbus0
    uplcom0: <prolific 0="" 2="" technology="" inc.="" usb="" 2.0="" to="" com="" device,="" class="" 0,="" rev="" 1.10="" 3.00,="" addr=""> on usbus0</prolific></prolific>

    And a new terminal is created (/dev/ttyU0).

    But when i try to start NUT this error appears:

    /usr/local/etc/rc.d/nut.sh start
    stopping megatec
    Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.2.2
    Can't open /var/db/nut/megatec-ttyU0.pid: No such file or directory
    forcing megatec termination
    starting megatec
    Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.2.2
    Network UPS Tools 2.2.2 - Megatec protocol driver 1.5.14 [megatec]
    Carlos Rodrigues (c) 2003-2008
    Megatec protocol UPS not detected.
    Startup timer elapsed, continuing...
    megatec failed to start

    The ups.conf is the follow:


    Can anyone help me?