IPv4 + IPv6 accounting working on FreeBSD

  • Hi. I'm not sure how much interest there is in IPv6 accounting on FreeBSD at this time, but I thought I'd just post some info on what I've been playing around with.

    pmacct + pgsql (IPv4 and IPv6) data accounting is working on my gateway box (via c7). I like the fact it has pcap/tcpdump style filtering too as I'm running PPPoE on the same interface which has been excluded. pmacct aggregates data in 5 minutes blocks (or some other specified time range) which keeps the number of records from going too crazy.

    I'm not sure what is in the works for pfsense, I guess it would be a matter of extending existing tools (as running a postgresql server might be a stretch).

    If anyone wants to know more let me know.

  • we only have the rrd graphs at this point which have v4 and v6 counters for pass and block in both directions