Captive portal for wifi with dhcp relay / bridge?

  • I’m trying to get a portal in the way of Wi-Fi users then bridge them to my internal network.
    We want users to have to authenticate then be able to use our internal network resources.

    Is there a way to use pfsense / captive portal to authenticate users who are assigned a dhcp address via some kind of dhcp relay then bridge them into the LAN?

  • I am using captive portal to authenticate routed traffic from a WiFi net to my home network. A pfSense box is the DHCP server on the WiFi network. WiFi clients get their IP address by DHCP without problem and without requiring authentication from the captive portal.

    I don't know if Captive Portal operates at layer 2 (bridging) or layer 3 (routing). I have no experience with Captive Portal on a bridged interface. Do you really need to bridge WiFi net and LAN?

    You mentioned DHCP relay. Why not use the pfSense box as DHCP server?

    If you are reasonably experienced with pfSense you could probably fairly easily set up something like what you described so you can experiment with it.