Squid https - SSL download is slow

  • installed the latest pfsend on esx vsphere 4.1 running as a vm. downloads are normal, however,

    https://  ssl downloads are very slow. Any pointers on how this may be addressed.

    squid Network No info, check the forum 2.7.9_4.2 High performance web proxy cache.

    squidGuard Network Management No info, check the forum 1.3_1 pkg v.1.9

    Lightsquid Network Report No info, check the forum 1.8.2 pkg v.1.5


  • I'm seeing brutally slow load times on anything behind Squid. Installed the latest everything today. If I turn on Squid, then sites take up to 7 or 10 seconds to load all the elements. They load fast from cache after that, but the initial load, for any cold site, is completely useless.

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